Meet Finn! 🐢

Watch the video to see Finn in action


Meet Finn, ARPH #14340! This beautiful, two and a half year old boy is up to date on vaccinations and will be available on April 30after he has been neutered. Because he came from a neglectful situation, he can be a bit needy. He wants to be with his person at all times; Finn will bark in the crate when left alone, either at home or in the car. He hasn’t been left loose unattended; it’s much safer for him to be crated so he doesn’t get himself into trouble. He hasn’t stolen anything off a counter(Nothing in reach), but he’s definitely checked things out. He’s an opportunist that would take advantage if something was available. Finn is a sweet, happy boy, very, very smart and has learned the routine in his foster home and his new name quickly. He definitely needs a job; he is very agile and athletic and would probably love agility or another fast-paced dog sport. He knows sit, give paw, and if he can stop wiggling long enough, he will lie down. He does pull on the leash when he’s excited, but once he settles, he walks reasonably well. And he LOVES going for walks! He also loves stuffed squeaky toys, as can be seen in the video, but he isn’t so good about bringing it back. He takes treats gently and has no issues with humans and food or treats; however, he should be fed separately from other dogs or cats, just to be on the safe side. Meals sometimes were sporadic in his previous home. 😦 He tries to play with the cat in his foster home and would probably be okay with a dog-savvy cat. Finn LOVES people and will wiggle his body into a β€œC” as he approaches. Kids are unknown, so only over age 12 would be best as he can be jumpy. He rides great in the car but needs to be tethered or crated; you don’t want him in your lap! On the higher end of the energy scale, Finn does settle nicely in the house. He will need at least a 4-5′ traditionally fenced yard because he can leap a 3′ baby gate quite effortlessly. He would chase wildlife and vehicles. **NO condos or apartments, a quiet household in a quieter area would suit him best. Finn will also need an experienced Aussie owner who is committed to continuing his training, getting him regular, consistent exercise, and making him the wonderful companion he has the potential to be. The application for adoption can be found on our website Finn is fostered in northeastern Pennsylvania and will only be placed in the northeast region. If you have an approved application contact Kay.

Pat DwyerARPH Rep – NY, CT, W. MAwww.arphinc.com


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