Happy Tails! (Coming Soon)

2 Responses to Happy Tails! (Coming Soon)

  1. Cheryl Ritter says:

    I once had an Aussie, her name was Fancy because she was. Fun sassy and talk to me with her eye brows. Very loveable and loyal. She wasn’t when she went to sleep and went to heaven. She passed 5 years ago IM looking for another buddy I can love and take care of. I’m not sure where to look. They have a lot of breeders but I want to rescue my next one. Can you help me please. I live in a single family home with a really nice big yard for us to have fun in. You could email me if you could help me with my search. Thank you.

    • Hi,
      you FIRST need to submit an application through ARPH. Here is the website- https://www.aussierescue.org/
      Once you have been approved as an adopter you can inquire about available Aussies in your region.
      There are fewer available Aussies in some areas, so the wait can be long. Also, the ARPH reps work to make sure each dog is matched to an appropriate home as not every Aussie will be a good match with every household.
      Thank you for your interest! Good luck!

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