Laker Is Definitely A Ladies Man! 😉🐶💕

Laker is looking good!

Say hello to Laker. Get your application in now for this very handsome guy, with piercing blue eyes. Laker is looking for a home where he can be the center of the universe. He’s 10 years old, but can run and play with the youngsters. He likes nothing more than to romp, hike and then take a swim.

He does great on a leash and knows basic commands. He’s neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations, he’s a healthy guy!

Laker can be a little gruff and does better with females than with males, he would also be just fine as an only dog, as long as his owner is around to adore him. Laker will need an experienced Aussie owner capable of redirecting him when he gets cranky.

Laker is being fostered in Maryland. If you’re an approved ARPH adopter please contact Karen .

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Meet Pasha! 🐶💕

Pasha is a 9 year old wiggle butt!

Pasha l❤️ves squeak toys! Take a peek! 😉

Hi! My name is Pasha, ARPH #12849! Back in ARPH through no fault of my own, I’m a spayed, nine years young Aussie that’s up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. Car rides are okay, and I’m very good in the house. I love to snuggle, play ball and chase squeaky toys! I am learning to be nice to my Aussie foster brother and sister; they are soooo much fun to play with! I’m learning to be more “doggie polite,” by walking nicely on my lead, waiting patiently for my food and I’m a real whiz at “sit, down, come and paw.” Counter surfing was one of the things I did when I first got to my foster home, but my foster mom had been working on that. I’m much better, which makes both of us happy. My foster mama took some pictures of my beautiful smile— check me out! And have I mentioned I love squeaky toys? Take a look at my video! My goofy side and good canine sense of humor will make me a great companion. I would love to have a special person or persons to cuddle with. That would make me soooo HAPPY!! I’m being fostered near Allentown, PA. If you are already approved, please contact Kay.

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Hey Everyone, Meet Boomer! 🐶

Boomer is looking for a new home! If you’re interested keep reading!

Hi Aussie Lovers – Meet Boomer, ARPH # 14275. This handsome young male, who weighs approximately 50 pounds, is looking for a home to call his own. He would love another young dog that likes to play to be his housemate. He also does well with cats, though does try to get them to run so he can have a quick game of chase.

Boomer needs a home that can commit to daily exercise. He would be a great hiking partner, though those chipmunks look awfully inviting to chase. He does have an “off switch” and is able to settle in the house once he has had his exercise.

We are looking for a home that has taken training classes and doesn’t see it as a chore, but a fun way to connect with your dog. He will be needing an obedience class or two to help polish him into the gem he can become. He may have some potential in the areas of Rally, Obedience, Agility or Barn Hunt.

Boomer was not exposed to much as a pup so is like a puppy in an adult dog’s body. He doesn’t know how to play with toys and will chase a ball, but doesn’t know what to do with it once he catches it. He will require a patient handler who will help him learn the ropes.

Boomer can be clingy and a little insecure so would do best in a home with someone home most of the day. He loves to be brushed, cuddled and loved up and tries to get as close to you as possible, He just LOVES hanging out with his people.

A traditionally fenced yard is required. Boomer has not been exposed to children in foster care so will not be placed with little ones. He is being fostered on Long Island. Anyone interested in him will be expected to travel there along with other family members – both 2 and 4 legged. If already approved for adoption contactPat.
Pat Dwyer

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Gentle Senior Looking for Love 🐶💕

ARPH was contacted by a local shelter about Ronnie, this handsome red merle male. Our volunteer said he is without a doubt the sweetest, most gentle soul she has ever met. He’s a true gentleman (of a certain age) that deserves to live out his golden years being pampered. Ronnie has a very sad story. He was picked up as a stray, the owner was contacted and told the shelter he thought Ronnie had wandered off to die. Ronnie’s owner then told the shelter, “you might as well kill him.” He didn’t want him back. ARPH is more than happy to have him! Ronnie MIGHT be 10, he might be older. Regardless, we want Ronnie to know what it’s like to be spoiled, so we are going to be super picky about his next home.

Ronnie still has plenty of spring in his step, the shelter had him romping in their yard the morning our volunteer picked him up. He attaches quickly to humans – he’s a BIG leaner and LOVES attention. He is a little wobbly and stairs can be a challenge. His foster mom is loading him up on good things to help him feel more spry and get ready for his forever home. Ronnie is also a little thin, so she’s going to fatten him up a bit. He also has a cataract in one eye, but it doesn’t seem to inhibit him.

Ronnie is being fostered in northern Virginia. We’ll post more about him as he gets closer to his adoption time. If you think you’re worthy of this fine gentleman, contact Karen @

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Ranger Needs Your Help!

Ranger is asking for your help.  This poor pup was surrendered to rescue after breaking his rear femur by falling off a deck.  His owners were unable to afford surgery and came to ARPH for assistance.   We, of course, stepped up to help him, but now are asking for your help. Repairing his leg cost approximately $5,000, but this sweet, friendly pup deserves to live a pain-free life.  He would be most appreciative of any donations and would be happy to send along some puppy kisses in appreciation for your support.
To donate please go to   Please be sure to indicate the donation is for Ranger ARPH # 14274 so the donation is credited to his bill.
Ranger is on medical hold so no applications are being accepted for him at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

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Here’s another chance to support ARPH!! Hurry- offer through 5/5!🐶🍪

Click on photo for link to

ARPH is excited to bring you another great fundraiser. We have partnered with Treat Me Right to bring these homemade biscuits to your furry friends. From today until May 5th a portion of each sale will be donated to ARPH. Loads of treat flavors and types. You can purchase bones, pupcakes, boxed treats and especially for our fundraiser – treats in the shapes of bees and hives. The Aussies say they are delicious. Yum, Yum!

Please visit and place your order. Don’t forget to choose ARPH as your rescue when you’re done shopping.


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Thanks to all who participated in the Flower Power Fundraiser 🌸🌹🌷💐🌺🥀🌻🌼

Your generosity has helped ARPH raise funds to support their mission to rescue Aussies. Each time you look at your flowers think of the good you have done. Thank you!

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Aaaaand just like that, Hank got scooped up by his forever family! 🐶

During this time of social distancing many people are spending more time at home. This might be a good time to adopt. Reach out to ARPH to see who’s in need of a forever home.

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Calling All Volunteers!

We need YOU! Volunteers are needed throughout the Northeast and MidAtlantic to help ARPH with rescuing Aussies. Please consider joining us. There are lots of ways to help – fundraise, screen applications, perform home visits, transport, evaluate Aussies, help with the webpage, foster.

Reps are needed in Maine, VT, RI and eastern MA. Rescue experience required for this position. 

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Woo Hoo! River found his forever home! Who’s next? Visit ARPH to see available Aussies!

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Mila Met Her Match! She’s been adopted!!

Mila found her furever family!

If you are interested in an ARPH Aussie, visit the site at

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Hey Everyone! Dianna has been adopted! 💕

Pretty Dianna

Don’t worry, there are others waiting for you at #aussie_rescue_dogs_rock

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Hey Everyone! Bear has been adopted! 🎉

There are other Aussies still waiting for their forever homes! Check out the ARPH website for applications, information, and available dogs.

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Home Of My Own 🎅🏻

This sweet guy is still waiting for his forever home.

There are still Aussies available for adoption! Make someone happy this Christmas! Fill out an application at ARPH!

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It’s definitely going to be a great year for Belle! She just got adopted!! 🎉

Belle is not available but there are still others waiting for their forever homes! Reach out to ARPH to see if there’s a pup waiting for you!!

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calling all volunteers!

Volunteer opportunities!! 🐶

Do you have Aussie experience? Have you ever done rescue work? Are you a team player? Do you live in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Eastern Massachusetts or Delaware? Then ARPH would like to hear from you. ARPH is without reps in the listed states, and without reps we are unable to rescue there. Reps are responsible for accepting dogs into ARPH, approving adopters, and working with foster homes and volunteers. If you would be interested in more information about becoming a rep, please contact Pat Dwyer ( or Kay Marks ( We’d love to hear from you!

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Coming Soon! Belle!

Info on Belle to be coming soon! Check back for more info! You don’t want to miss out on this sweet Belle of the Ball!

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Ho! Ho! Ho!🎅 Looks like Santa came early for DJ!

DJ has been adopted! Just in time for Christmas too! Wishing DJ and his family a wonderful Christmas this year.

There are still other Aussies out there waiting for their forever homes. Check out the APRH website to find your special pup!

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Time to celebrate! CJ has been adopted!

This adorable girl is CJ.  She just found her forever home! Her new family is lucky to have such a sweet girl, but don’t worry, there are others still looking for their forever homes! To start the process fill out an application! It’s easy! If you’re an approved ARPH adopter, or would like more info about available dogs, reach out to your local rep! Info is on the ARPH website!

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Congrats to Mason and his forever family! He has been adopted, but there are others still in need of a great home! Take a look. 🐶

Meet Mason, ARPH # 14271!  This beautiful boy was surrendered to ARPH due to his family going through some difficult times.  Mason is almost 5 years old – DOB 11/15/14.  He is fortunate because he found his forever home. There are others still waiting! Take a look on the ARPH website to see if one of these dogs is right for you and your family.

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