Harley Hit The Jackpot! She just got adopted! 💕

Harley 🐶💕
Look at Harley go!
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Let’s celebrate for Oakley! He has been adopted! 🎉🥳

Are you looking for a snuggle buddy? Then look no further, Oakley, ARPH # 14424, would love to become your new best friend. This handsome blue eyed, blue merle boy is 3.5 years old (1/17/19). Weighing in at 43 pounds he is just the right size for snuggling and loving. Oakley is a more timid boy and would do best in a quiet home with someone who is home most of the day. He is a true velcro Aussie who loves to follow his person around so we are looking for an owner who appreciates that quality. He gets so excited when his human comes home that he happily greets with a toy in his mouth. A toy basket near the front door would make him very happy. He is not a fan of the crate, fortunately while in rescue he has not been destructive while left alone and also has not had any housebreaking accidents. Oakley was raised with a cat and does not show interest in chasing so may not mind having a kitty friend as a housemate. He has been fostered with other dogs, but does not show any interest in playing with them so would be very happy being someone’s one and only. He is a moderate energy level so several walks a day and play in a fenced yard should be enough to keep him satisfied. Yes, a physical fence is required. To help build his confidence we are seeking a home that plans on a training class and taking him on lots of new excursions. Due to his sensitive nature he will not be placed in a home with a lot of people coming and going. A home with previous herding dog experience is strongly preferred. Oakley is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. He was turned into rescue as his owner was experiencing financial difficulties. He is being fostered in central Connecticut. If you have an approved application please contact Pat

ARPH Rep – NY, CT, W. MA

Pat Dwyer



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News! Updates! Opportunities!

Woo hoo!

ARPH is very excited to announce a new rep in western NY.  She will be covering the 716 area code. What does this mean?  It means that we can now rescue dogs from this area and also approve adoption applications. Our new rep, Kathleen, will need some help so if you would like to join us as a volunteer or foster home please complete an application. She would certainly appreciate the help.


We are still in need of reps in Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire,  Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia If you would like more information please message Kay (bluedawg7@gmail.com)

or Pat (aussieresc@aol.com)

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Here’s an opportunity to pay it forward!

Jakk is looking to pay it forward!

Many of you may remember Jakk who was fostered in NY last summer. Jakk is paying it forward and trying to win 5 Kuranda beds for our future Aussie fosters. Please vote for Jakk and help give our fosters a comfy bed.


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Help Wanted! 📰🔎

Do you love Aussies?

Do you believe in rescue?

Do you work well with others?

Are you a born leader?

If so, we’d like to hear from you.

ARPH is in need of reps in Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Western New York, West Virginia

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Desperate For Fosters! 🐶💕

We are reaching out to all Aussie lovers to help us out this summer by fostering. The summer is always a difficult time to find foster homes for Aussies in need. Everyone looks to go on vacation and enjoy the beautiful weather, but unfortunately that doesn’t stop Aussies from needing rescue. Currently one of our areas has 3 dogs in need of evaluation and if they pass all will need foster space. What a shame it would be if we were unable to accept them into ARPH! Please consider becoming a foster home. Rescue only happens when people volunteer to help.


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Meet Mr. Copper! 🐶

Copper is young and energetic!

Meet Copper #14508! He is a beautiful, neutered 17 month old red tri and is up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. Though he’s tall, he is lean and in great physical condition and weighs about 60 pounds. He gets along marvelously with the foster’s resident dogs, both male and female. He loves to play “catch me” out in the yard or “who can open their mouth the widest” jaw wrestling with the youngest dog in his foster family. He enjoys chewing on the chewable toys but also does not dismember the fluffy toys too badly. Copper was purchased from a breeder as a puppy and found himself living in a small house with a very small yard. Without any training, he turned out to be more dog than the young family could handle. Even though they tried their very best, they finally decided to surrender him to ARPH. He is housetrained and crate trained and seldom barks while crated. Because he was raised as an “only dog”, Copper needed to learn how to share with his foster siblings. He is still learning not to bark when another dog is getting attention but is doing very well with it. He is also learning his basic manners and how to walk on a leash without pulling. He is good about not jumping up on people and will only try if he is very excited.

Copper will put his paws up on the kitchen counter to have a look and would surely take anything that might be in his reach, so care must be taken to prevent counter-surfing. He is food motivated and loves training sessions with his foster mom. He is very gentle taking treats and gives up toys or other objects easily. Copper has abundant energy and needs lots of exercise and a place to run. A traditionally fenced yard is required. Currently he burns off his energy by running and playing with the other dogs in the fenced back yard of his foster home. While inside, he spends his time chewing on bones and snoozing beside his foster mom’s desk chair while she is working. Copper lived with a cat, but the cat wasn’t fond of him.  A dog-savvy cat might be a possibility. He was raised with children, but even though he has learned some manners, he might knock younger children down in his enthusiasm. This boy will need a home committed to providing regular, consistent exercise as well as continued training.  Copper is fostered near State College, PA.  If you are already approved, please contact Kay 

Pat Dwyer

ARPH Rep – NY, CT, W. MA


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Meet Ollie! 🐶

Ollie is 2

Meet Ollie!  This cute 2 year old red tri neutered male is looking for a home where he can be someone’s one and only dog.  Ollie is a big fan of treats and also balls.  Due to his interest in both he would excel in a training class.   He also loves to be brushed. 

Ollie can be reactive on leash if he sees another dog or if someone runs by. For this reason a physical fence is required. He would do best in a quiet home. He has not been exposed to cats so will not be placed in a home with them. Ollie is housebroken and crate trained.

Prior herding dog ownership is required as is a vet reference and a home visit. He will not be placed in home with children. Ollie is currently living with his owners in the Wallkill, NY area.

A completed and approved adoption application is required prior to meeting Ollie. Adoption application can be found at http://www.arphinc.com/

See Ollie in action

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Volunteers Needed!

We need you! We can’t save Aussies without Aussie lovers helping.


Ask how you can help ARPH!
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Flynn is Available 🐶

Flynn is waiting for you!

Meet Flynn, ARPH #14445.  This sweet and silly 6 year old found himself with ARPH after the loss of his owner.  He loves people!  After a greeting with a deep bark, he will come to anyone for love.  He is a bigger boy at over 60 pounds, up to date on vaccines, microchipped and neutered.  He knows basic commands like come, sit, down, speak, paw and is very eager to learn with treat rewards.  He is a vocal boy who loves toys and can entertain himself with a squeaky toy.  Flynn enjoys playing with other dogs, but he could be an only dog.  He needs a home with no cats or small animals. He loves to run, so a fenced backyard would be preferred. We don’t know how he would do with smaller children, so only homes with children 10 and up will be considered. He loves walks, but does pull some. A harness may be helpful for that.  He’ll need someone patient to train him to enjoy walks because he is curious and loves meeting new people. He rides well in the car, is crate and house trained.  Flynn is an amazing dog who had a string of bad luck, through no fault of his own, and is now looking for his forever family.  He is fostered in Anne Arundel County.  If you are interested in seeing if this big boy would fit in with your family, head to ARPH’s application at www.aussierescue.org. If you have already been approved contact Amy.



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Meet Olivia 💕

Olivia is in Maryland

Meet Olivia, ARPH #14444, a beautiful 7 year old, 55 or so pound, red merle Aussie. She is spayed, up to date on shots, and microchipped. Olivia (also goes by Lucy) finds herself in rescue through no fault of her own after her owner’s death. She LOVES people! She has charmed the neighborhood in her foster home with her gentle manner and beautiful blue-speckled eyes. She has perfect house manners and will make a wonderful companion. She has been left alone both in her crate and loose in the house with no issues. She is not interested in playing with toys or balls but will enjoy a romp with her owner — or a quiet snuggle on the couch. Olivia is very food motivated and will be easy to train — she already knows quite a few commands and is very obedient and has good recall. Although Olivia lived with another dog in her prior home, she becomes defensive toward other dogs on her walks – so we believe she will do best as an only dog. She should not be placed in a home with cats or small animals. She seems to do well in a car. Olivia will do best in a home with a fenced yard and older children who are Aussie savvy. She is being fostered in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. If you are interested in seeing if this beautiful girl will fit in your home, please apply at aussierescue.org. If you have already been approved contact Amy.

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Meet Moxie!

Miss Moxie

Meet Moxie, ARPH #14505, a spunky little girl with plenty of energy to spare! At only nine months old, she is still full of puppy and is looking for a forever home that will give her lots of love, structure and exercise to help her grow into the best dog she can be. Bought as an adorable puppy from a pet store and living in a tenth floor apartment in a city, Moxie turned out to be more dog than her owners could handle, though they tried their best. Moxie weighs about 43 pounds, is spayed and up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. She is crate trained, housebroken, and knows ‘sit’ and ‘paw’. She is learning to sit and wait for her meals. Moxie can be reserved with strangers but will warm up quickly. She’s not a fan of being brushed. Like any puppy, Moxie doesn’t really know when she’s pushed a boundary too far, so she will need continued help with that in her new home. She is starting to learn how to walk better on a leash and also that there are rules to follow which are not made by her. She’s a smart girl and is working hard at learning how to be a good family member. She loves toys and will hide them in various places in the house. She also loves to be outdoors or just to look out a window. Moxie is very active and needs a job on which to focus her energy. She is very quick and agile and loves to chase balls, so she might be a good candidate for a dog sport.

Moxie’s exuberance and puppy energy could be a bit much for young children, so she’d be better with those who are over 10-12. She has not lived with cats or another dog. Moxie is looking for an experienced owner who will provide the continued structure and training she’ll need. A traditionally fenced yard is a must for her so she can zoom around to her heart’s content! An obedience class is also a requirement. Moxie is fostered in SE PA. If you think you might be just the right fit for this busy, smart, happy girl and are already approved, please contact Kay.

Watch Moxie in action!

Water Bowl Fun: 💦


Snow Day! ❄️


Mic Drop 🎤


The Zoomies 🏁


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Patches is Adopted! 🐶💕

This pretty red merle girl just hit the jackpot! She’s in her forever home! 💕 Check out the ARPH website for other available Aussies.

Patches is leaning commands

Click here for an application!!


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ARPH Needs Help!!

Looking for a way to help?

We need help!  ARPH has been receiving multiple placement apps a week for Aussies in need of new homes and we do not have foster homes to accept all the dogs. 

Did you know that fostering isn’t a full time commitment?  Did you know that you work with a rep who will help you with your foster Aussie?  Did you know you have the support of other volunteers? Did you know that ARPH pays for all vet bills? Did you know that all dogs are evaluated before being accepted into ARPH?

Fostering is a big commitment but it’s so rewarding. If you are on the fence, ask questions. We need the amazing foster families to save the Aussies in need. 

If you have any questions please contact us at info@aussirescue.org or contact the rep in your area.

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Reba is ready for adoption! 🐶💕


Meet Reba, ARPH #14502! This sweet 6 year old found herself with ARPH after the loss of her owner when other family members were unable to care for her. If that wasn’t bad enough, Reba suffers from epilepsy, which fortunately is controlled by medication costing around $30 monthly. She is on the moderate end of the energy scale, although that may change when she loses some weight. Reba is a little pudgy at 58 pounds, but her foster home has started her on the road to a healthier weight. She loves going for walks and playing ball in the yard, although she needs a little guidance in how to bring it back again. She is always willing to play but also settles down nicely once playtime is over. She is housebroken, crate-trained, rides well in the car, and is learning to walk nicely on leash. Reba does have a tendency to guard some resources so will need an experienced owner. A traditionally fenced yard is a must; no electronic or invisible fences will be considered.

Reba is very willing to meet new people and is very happy to sit and be petted for as long as her new friend wants to! She’s never lived with other dogs, cats, or children, so an adult-only home with no other pets would be best for her. She loves stuffies and will shake and toss them around.

If you are looking for a sweet, quiet companion, Reba may be your girl. She is fostered in southeast PA. If you have an approved adoption application contact Kay.


Click the link above to see Reba playing fetch 🐶🎾


Click the link above to see Reba playing indoors! 🐶🏠

Click below to access the adoption application!


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Help ARPH Support Reba


Meet Reba, ARPH #14502! This sweet 6 year old found herself in ARPH after the loss of her owner when other family members were unable to care for her. If that isn’t bad enough, Reba suffers from epilepsy, which fortunately is controlled by medication. Before placing her, her rep wanted to be sure that all was well, so some bloodwork and tests were done which resulted in additional bills. She loves going for walks, playing with toys, and will be a lovely, quiet companion for the right person. If you can help defray some of the extra expenses, Reba(and ARPH!) would greatly appreciate it! Our donation page is here. http://www.aussierescue.org/Donate Thank you so much!

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Meet Sam 🐶💕

Sam is in PA

This handsome boy is Sam, ARPH # 14345, a three year old neutered blue merle male weighing in at about 45 pounds. Sam was loved by his former family, but some life changes brought him to rescue. He is housebroken, crate trained, rides well in the car, knows sit, is working on down, and is very sweet. Sam is in the moderate range of the energy scale, although he will still need regular, consistent exercise. He settles nicely in the house. He doesn’t seem to be interested in toys or chewie things in the house, but he does love a good game of “fetch the stick or small Wubba” in the yard.. He doesn’t like to give either up but will for a treat. He is VERY food motivated! Sam loves long walks. But because he wasn’t walked on leash much, he would probably benefit from a harness. Sam has a tendency to put his paws on things(table, sink, counter), so he’s a wanna be counter surfer. He will get off when told. Sam will do best in a quiet home without much coming and going, a traditionally fenced yard to keep him safe(He likes to run around.), no cats and no children under 16. Sam has never lived without another dog but might be able to be an only dog in the right home. He’d probably like a canine companion, though, but only if it’s a female. He is very willing to please, loves his person and wants to be close by at all times. Sam is fostered near Honesdale, PA. If you think you might be a good match for Sam, please contact Kay.



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How Can You Help Us?

Helping ARPH and making the difference in the life of an Aussie is something everyone can do. There are so many ways to help:
Volunteer – help us with home visits, phone screening of applications, fundraising, dog evaluations and much more. Become a volunteer. http://www.aussierescue.org/volunteer
Foster – foster homes are needed throughout the region. Find room in your heart and home for a brief time to help an Aussie in need. http://www.aussierescue.org/volunteer
Become a rep – Reps are the center of the rescue activities in the area. They are the people who approve adoption applications, determine if a dog is suitable to enter the ARPH program, and are the ones who work with the volunteers in an area.Reps are the center of the rescue activities in the area. They are the people who approve adoption applications, determine if a dog is suitable to enter the ARPH program, and are the ones who work with the volunteers in an area.Reps should have strong leadership skills, be a team player, and be organized. They should also have Aussie experience and understand dog behavior. Reps MUST have some RESCUE experience.
We are presently in need of Rescue Reps in Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, New York (western), Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Please message us if you would like more information.
Donate – we are very appreciative to those of you who financially support us. http://www.aussierescue.org/donate
Share our posts on Facebook. Sharing our dogs, our fundraisers and our requests for volunteers helps us more than you can imagine.
Alert us to Aussies in need.
Share information about ARPH with owners who need to place an Aussie.

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Ever Thought of Fostering? Maybe This Is the Year to Explore It!

Foster homes are how we keep dogs in need safe during the adoption process.

If our rescue Aussies could speak they would say they are very thankful for their foster homes. Without these selfless people rescue organizations cannot exist. We are always in need of additional foster homes so the job of fostering does not just fall on a few.Our Fosters are our saviors. We depend on them heavily to give us more information about the Aussie for whom they are caring. These volunteers care for ARPH dogs in their own homes. They are often called upon to have dogs vetted, do some training and socializing of the dogs, and speak to potential adopters. They work hand in hand with the reps, as they are the ones who get to know the dogs the best. Their evaluation of a dog’s personality and temperament helps the rep place the dog in the most appropriate home. Some experience with training is very useful. Veterinary expenses are reimbursed; foster homes supply food and most importantly LOVE to homeless Aussies.http://www.aussierescue.org/Volunteer/-Volunteer-Application

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Heads Up Aussie Lovers! (Literally 😂🐶!!)

Get your Aussie on! Just in time for winter!

Aussie fans – heads up (literally)! Have we got a fundraiser for you! If you love Australian Shepherds, want to support Aussie rescue & keep toasty warm this winter, check out ARPH’s Embroidered Winter Hat Fundraiser. We will be featuring cozy winter beanies with a gorgeous embroidered Aussie on the cuff. The hats are available in Red, Heathery Gray & Carolina Blue.

Our Australian Shepherd hats will warm both your head and your heart, and they make great gifts! So, use your head & don’t get left out in the cold. Order yours soon! Our Aussies thank you.

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