Volunteers Needed!

If you’re a lover of herding dogs, and would love to help out Australian Shepherd’s, then Aussie Rescue needs you. We are looking for volunteers and adopters who are familiar with the unique traits of herding dogs.

General Volunteers help by doing home visits. screening applications, helping at rescue booths, fund raising and whatever other jobs may arise.

Foster Homes work with dogs in their own homes for a minimum of 2 weeks. They are often called upon to have dogs vetted, do some training and socializing of the dogs, and speak to potential adopters. Experience with training is very helpful. Veterinary expenses are reimbursed, foster homes supply food and most importantly love to homeless Aussies.

See http://www.aussierescue.org or http://www.arphinc.com

We need volunteers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions … Please help this wonderful breed! And thank you!

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