Courtesy Listing: Bo, an almost 2 year old male, is available for adoption.

This is a courtesy listing for Bo, who is a 22 month old male, located in Woodbury, CT. You can click on his picture for more information.

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Let us know how your ARPH-Aussie is doing! (updated Facebook link)

We sent this out the other day, with an incorrect Facebook link. The correct one is below.

If you’re an ARPH adopter who lives in NY or CT or if you adopted your ARPH Aussies from one of our amazing foster homes in this area we would love to hear from you. Even if you adopted a referral dog we’d like an update. Please post a picture of your loving Aussie and let us know how they are doing.

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Foster Homes Needed!

Our Aussies are only fostered in loving foster  homes. We’ve found that that is the best way to learn about them and the type of home they would thrive in. We are reaching out to Aussie lovers everywhere to help us with our mission to rescue this amazing breed.
Our dogs are carefully screened before being accepted into the program, we do not accept aggressive dogs. Foster homes are never pushed into taking a dog, it is always the volunteer’s choice when they can foster and what type of dog they can take.
If you’d like to talk (email/phone) with an existing foster home to find out more, let us know!
Please make a difference and become a foster home.
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Callie needs your help!

Our reps in the Mid-Atlantic region took in several dogs from a breeder that was getting out of breeding their Aussies. They did not receive veterinary care during their life in the kennel. One of these dogs is sweet Callie that is 7 years old. She had retinal detachment in her left eye when she was younger, causing her to lose vision in that eye, but was not seen by a Veterinarian for treatment. She supposedly wasn’t bred, but wasn’t spayed. Because of her age, we had a senior profile with urinalysis done to be sure she’s healthy enough to undergo surgery and we discovered she has a raging kidney infection that will take at least a month to recover from. We’re hoping it hasn’t caused permanent damage. We also discovered she has a few major teeth with pulp exposure that is surely causing pain and another source of infection, and her dental procedure(s) will be at least $1200. to $1800.

Her rep groomed and de-flead her and she was a perfect angel for the lengthy procedure. Fortunately, her heartworm and tick disease test was negative and has been started on preventatives.  She’s a sweet dog without a mean bone in her body and is very deserving of the best care we can give her so that she can feel better and live out the rest of her life in comfort.

Were asking for donations to cover the Veterinary expenses that are going to be way above what our foster dogs normally incur to bring Callie’s health and quality of life back up to where is should be for an Aussie her age.

You can make your tax deductible donation here: . Please indicate that you would like your donation applied to an ARPH dog in need, and then list Callie’s name and her ARPH number 13164.

Many thanks for your consideration and donation!

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Did you know we’re also on Facebook?

You can follow ARPH in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic on Facebook too!  The page is located at

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Courtesy listing: Cooper, a 7 year old blue merle male, has been adopted!

Cooper, a 7 year old blue merle male, located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, has been adopted.

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Benji, a 2.5 year old blue merle male, has been adopted!

Benji a 2.5 year old, blue merle male, has been adopted.

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