Meet Mr. Copper! 🐶

Copper is young and energetic!

Meet Copper #14508! He is a beautiful, neutered 17 month old red tri and is up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. Though he’s tall, he is lean and in great physical condition and weighs about 60 pounds. He gets along marvelously with the foster’s resident dogs, both male and female. He loves to play “catch me” out in the yard or “who can open their mouth the widest” jaw wrestling with the youngest dog in his foster family. He enjoys chewing on the chewable toys but also does not dismember the fluffy toys too badly. Copper was purchased from a breeder as a puppy and found himself living in a small house with a very small yard. Without any training, he turned out to be more dog than the young family could handle. Even though they tried their very best, they finally decided to surrender him to ARPH. He is housetrained and crate trained and seldom barks while crated. Because he was raised as an “only dog”, Copper needed to learn how to share with his foster siblings. He is still learning not to bark when another dog is getting attention but is doing very well with it. He is also learning his basic manners and how to walk on a leash without pulling. He is good about not jumping up on people and will only try if he is very excited.

Copper will put his paws up on the kitchen counter to have a look and would surely take anything that might be in his reach, so care must be taken to prevent counter-surfing. He is food motivated and loves training sessions with his foster mom. He is very gentle taking treats and gives up toys or other objects easily. Copper has abundant energy and needs lots of exercise and a place to run. A traditionally fenced yard is required. Currently he burns off his energy by running and playing with the other dogs in the fenced back yard of his foster home. While inside, he spends his time chewing on bones and snoozing beside his foster mom’s desk chair while she is working. Copper lived with a cat, but the cat wasn’t fond of him.  A dog-savvy cat might be a possibility. He was raised with children, but even though he has learned some manners, he might knock younger children down in his enthusiasm. This boy will need a home committed to providing regular, consistent exercise as well as continued training.  Copper is fostered near State College, PA.  If you are already approved, please contact Kay 

Pat Dwyer

ARPH Rep – NY, CT, W. MA


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