ARPH Needs Help!!

Looking for a way to help?

We need help!  ARPH has been receiving multiple placement apps a week for Aussies in need of new homes and we do not have foster homes to accept all the dogs. 

Did you know that fostering isn’t a full time commitment?  Did you know that you work with a rep who will help you with your foster Aussie?  Did you know you have the support of other volunteers? Did you know that ARPH pays for all vet bills? Did you know that all dogs are evaluated before being accepted into ARPH?

Fostering is a big commitment but it’s so rewarding. If you are on the fence, ask questions. We need the amazing foster families to save the Aussies in need. 

If you have any questions please contact us at or contact the rep in your area.


About sfitzpatrick128

Owner of 2 wild and crazy Australian Shepherds. Always busy, always on the go. No day at the beach is a bad day.
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5 Responses to ARPH Needs Help!!

  1. Rebecca L Marek says:

    I would be interested in more information on being a foster home.Β  We are located in central Pennsylvania about 30 miles northwest of Harrisburg. Thank you,Becky

  2. Alan Lisl says:

    We’d love to adopt another Australian Shepherd. Have been waiting for years. We still live in a rural area. Still don’t have a fenced in yard. And Australian Shepherds are still highly trainable herding dogs that deserve love and attention.

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