Can you help Aussies by fostering?

Can you help us out by fostering?  The Aussies could really use your help.  Just fostering one dog a year can make a hug difference.  ARPH NEEDS YOU! MORE IMPORTANTLY THE AUSSIES NEED YOU!

We depend on Foster Homes to give us more information about the Aussie that they are temporarily caring for. These volunteers care for ARPH dogs in their own homes. They are often called upon to have dogs vetted, do some training and socializing of the dogs, and speak to potential adopters. They work hand in hand with the reps, as they are the ones who get to know the dogs the best. Their evaluation of a dog’s personality and temperament helps the rep place the dog in the most appropriate home. Some experience with training is very useful, but not required. Veterinary expenses are reimbursed; foster homes supply food and most importantly love to homeless Aussie.

Here’s a short article on what fostering is not

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